A young man who manages the Mushroads.

His personality is hard to get a hold on. Height and age unknown.

Appearance Edit

Michibki takes the appearance of a young male with pure white skin, a white kimono with baggy sleeves, and he appears to wear a white sheet-like mask over his face that's painted with a black 'X'. He also has black hair and eyes, and his sprite appears to be transparent.

Personality Edit

Michibiki's personality is difficult to get a hold on, he appears to speak in a polite and friendly matter while occasionally dragging on some words in a playful matter. He describes himself as not being any different than the residents in Farethere City. He is rather respectful, and Michibiki appears to be considerate for his fellow residents, and sometimes apologizes for how secretive he is, but simply mentions it is part of his job.

Bio Edit

Michibiki is part of a group known as Omens.He act as caretakers of Farethere's "Garden", and aids the residence of this garden by allowing them to forefill their dream/desire while staying there.

A noted difference between Michibiki and other Omens is the fact that he gives the residence a chance to stay in the garden after becoming "Aware" of the circumstances that brought them to the city. As normal protocal requires an awaken person to be removed from the city and send them on the "Road to Rebirth".

Trivia Edit

  • He likes anmitsu with vanilla ice cream. He also says Anmitsu without any ice cream deserves "a thousand deaths"
  • He is an atheist.
  • After Michibiki's quest, he mentions how the nights are "Chilly" when he goes to sleep. This could be a lie, because Michibiki said earlier in the game that he does not feel warmth or the cold.