"Blunt and short-tempered, but surprisingly caring."

- In-Game Description

Gertrude Jekyll is one of the characters Pigula interacts with in Farethere City. He creates and repairs various tools at his shop, Underground.

History Edit

In life, Jekyll was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. While there are very few details known about what he was said to be guilty of, along with how he did, it is likely that he died during his time in prison.

Upon coming to Farethere City, he was unable to remember his past. After some time passed, he managed to regain his lost memories and revert back to his original form, however, he feels that "it'd be better if [he] could have those memories erased again".

Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

Hiro Edit

Hiro has great respect and admiration for Jekyll. He refers to himself as being Jekyll's "little bro" and can often be found visiting Underground in the evening after he closes up shop to talk to him. Jekyll himself, however, is unaware of (if not indifferent) to the butcher's worship of him.

Yakov Edit

Though he nature of their relationship is not explicitly stated, it would appear the two have a sort of mutual respect towards one another. Jekyll occasionally visits Cafe Ambrosia for coffee in the evenings. Yakov mentions that he sees a little bit of himself in Jekyll.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Buying the Cocoa Cigarette from the Midnight Market will unlock a red book titled "Waiting" that contains details regarding Jekyll's past.
  • Originally, Jekyll was meant to make an appearance in a canceled project called Gretel & Gretel alongside Gilbert and Kantera (End Roll).
  • He is one of the only two characters in Farethere City whose full name is known, the other being Gilbert.